I am a member of the RPS: do I need to register?



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    Marco Picone

    I have access the website with my RPS number but I still receive the message "You have reached the maximum number of free premium articles for this month. Please subscribe below to enjoy unlimited access to The Pharmaceutical Journal."

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    Simon Dunton

    Hello Marco
    I'm sorry you had this problem. The configuration of the new content management system requires access rules to be set on every item. We are requesting the supplier to enable a default setting, but in the meantime - until default values have been developed and deployed - if an article is released without any such setting (as the result of an editorial oversight), trying to open it will produce an access block.
    If this situation arises again, please let us know about the article as soon as possible.

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    Brian Gunn

    I tried to sign in with my RPS membership number but I am informed that I am not recognised by number or surname.

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    Simon Dunton

    Mr Gunn, I'm sorry but that sounds like a database error. I've asked my colleague on the PJ website team to look into it for you.

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    Hi, I am trying to login using my RPS number but it just says I have typed either the wrong email or password. I would love some help. Thanks

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    Ursula Gotel


    I am am member of the RPS but can't log in with my surname and membership number

    please can you help me?

    I am trying to access the article Aiello M Pharmacist Clinicans in the 21st Century Workforce

    Ursula Gotel (nee Collingon)

    thank you

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