Login-free authentication methods: IP address or "referrer URL"



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    Rodney Allen

    We are looking to set up the referrer URL approach from our Intranet site to the new Formulary website. Hypothetically, could we edit the website on our internal server hosting the current Formulary to point to the remote site somehow, if our referrer solution takes time to set up please?

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    Simon Dunton

    Thank you for the comment - several other customers have been asking this too.

    We're fairly sure that our FormularyComplete customers have an intranet because the legacy product was built for deployment over an internal network, but admittedly we've rather assumed that they would, in that case, have an internal staff communications website too. A page on an internal website that's commonly visited by doctors, nurses and pharmacists - maybe the home page - would be the ideal location for placing the link to https://www.formularycomplete.com.

    If you don't have such an internal web page readily available, or readily accessible to make a small edit, the legacy FC installation certainly fulfils the technical requirements for hosting the link, but there are some caveats!

    - It could only be a temporary stopgap, because the legacy platform will be out of support and it would make no sense to retain an internal server running old software purely in order to connect to the cloud.

    - While you're in the process of transferring your locally added information from old to new, you will probably want to be sure that your users don't consult drug records on the new, unfinished site because they might miss important guidance. You would need to make clear that the link was not to be used by prescribers in the meantime (except possibly to view the new interactions data).

    When it comes to setting up a referrer link, points to bear in mind include:

    - The link must be on a web page: unfortunately, activating a link contained in a file does not pass to us the address of the page you're on

    - The address of the page that has the link on it enables your access to your full formulary data, and so it has to be on an internal staff website; it must not be on a publicly accessible site

    - You need to tell us the precise address of your web page to enter at our end as your "referrer URL". If you make a second, temporary link on your chosen page to https://www.formularycomplete.com/myip, you can click it to check the exact referrer.


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